Old Man of Stoer 2016

This year we returned  to our Sea Stack roots and tackled the Old Man of Stoer-it is another of the  Scottish Classic Sea Stacks and has the added spice of requiring a rope traverse across from the main land.As ever our constant the Scottish Weather had  a major part to play our first attempt was rained off on in early August,our second attempt at the end of August was looked upon more kindly by mother nature and was a great success.Our climbing adventures would be nothing more than that if it wasnt for the incredible generosity of our support network of sponsors and this year we managed to add some new names to our Group.

Welcome to West Coast Controls and M J Ventilation and many many thanks to all our existing friends and sponsors .The money raised by our group has and is continuing to enable the Jabulani project to provide

  • Funding university education for a local Doctor,Lawyer and Accountant-places that otherwise would have been out of reach of some very talented young people.In time these young people will give back to their local community setting the bedrock of a truly sustainable community approach.
  • Providing Emergency  new build housing for people who lost their homes due to flooding in townships.
  • Providing new build housing for young vulnerable people to get them back into education and give them a chance to develop.