Skye Ridge Challenge 2015



We completed our SKYE ridge traverse over 3 days ,all 4 seasons were rolled in to our trip courtesy of Scotlands wierd and wonderful weather systems .We set up a facebook page for the trip to document our progress and involve others into our community to visit this and keep up to date on our next venture or get involved visit our facebook via the link on our homepage.

A very special thanks to Zoe Meadows and Glenn Gordon for making these  trips so special and for their uncanny knack of capturing moments perfectly.DSC07849

The funds raised on our trip have enabled Jabulani to continue to

  • Build their network of NGOs within local communities,
  • Fund Third Level Education and vocational training for Local people .
  • Fund emergency building projects to provide accomodation for those most vulnerable in the community.
  • Provide Training to enable local communities to build a sustainable platform to grow from.

We will continue to support Jabulani in 2016 so thay can continue their work and we will be looking at ways to involve a wider circle of participants and supporters

To read the latest newsletter and read about the fantastic work Jabulani does  visit – Jabulani Newsletter