What We Do

Jabulani A Hoy is a group of people and companies involved in the construction and engineering industry who together provide support in a variety of ways to support the efforts of Alex Wallace and the Jabulani Charity.

The idea for the group began when my daughter returned from a school trip to South Africa, organised by Alex in 2012. She came home with a very simple but fundamental change to her outlook, and that was, the realisation of how much we can have and not be happy and how little others can have and be very happy.

The idea of the first climb was inspired by that change, and myself realising that we only need an idea ,followed by a decision and commitment and with little steps we can reach great heights and enjoy ourselves along the way.

I am fortunate to working in an industry and with people who have similar ideas in both work and life approaches so it didn’t take much persuading to get our core group started.

Our goal is to provide a sustainable and practical funding platform to support the year on year project needs of the Jabulani Project and the People and Communites it serves.

community event 2014


To empower people and communities  to make a difference and add lasting value to society.

young team 2015

Skills, Ideas and Attitudes

Local projects, developed and planned in partnership with local communities involving young people from Scotland and Durban working together , enriching lives in both countries through mutuality and reciprocity.


Interaction and Meeting

To provide facilities to enable the local volunteers to develop their networking and organisation and communicate more efficiently with Jabulani in Scotland using Webex conferencing and IT and premises provided by Arup.


support for educational needs to keep young people in education

Improving Lives

Providing the basics to enable young people to continue in education and then return to give back to the community.